Toyota 2004 key stolen, can I use a used key from other car?


My friend has Toyota 2004 with smart key, 1 key was stolen but still has 1 smart key working, he want to replace stolen key, I have a used key and reads same chip in zedbull, but I have no experience with this system so don’t want to make working key stop. Key is ID67. the key is like this picture, it is not normal key
Can you tell me what I need to do and what equipment I need for this?
I have zedbull, mvp, sbb, toyota red key maker (never used) x prog etc etc


This key can be cloned with tpx2 transponder  and you can use second hand one (pg1 is B9) without any  problem. This is one of the first smart key from Toyota

Immo reset and add, very easy. Remote manual procedure.
Remember to close the key learning mode, otherwise whatever key you slot in will start the start.
Total lost key case for this type of car, job finish in two minutes