Step by step to update JMD Handy Baby copy to V6.1.0

Recently Handy baby key programmer latest version 6.1.0 has been released.Here comes newest version 6.1.0 update information,include update note and procedure of update.



Handy-baby V 6.1.0 update info:   

  1. copy 4D70-dst80  (KIA and Hyundai)
  2. chip transfer
  3. more types of chips generated
  4. more detail information about chips


note:we are sure Ford(80bit) which made in China can be copy,  but  not sure Ford in all the countries can be copy, so it may decode fail. Locksmiths from Europe success in copying Ford(80bit)


How to update JMD Handy-Baby to version 6.1.0:

Free download handy baby 6.1.0 update file

Unzip handy baby 6.1.0


Connect handy baby device to PC

Start the device



Found new hardware wizzard:

select Install … (Advanced), then Next


Select Include this location in the search, then Browse Desktop/ USB Driver, then OK


Wizard searches CP2102 USB to UART Bridge Controller, then Next

Software for Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART Bridge installation success, Click Finish


Open Computer management

Select Device Manager->Ports (COM & LPT)-> Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART Bridge (COM5)


Open handy baby 6.1.0 update tool on Desktop


Select the English language


Click Upgrade

handy-baby-6.1.0-update-9 handy-baby-6.1.0-update-10


Update Notes:

1- with the palm-sized data cable to the computer

2- do not connect more than one palm-sized

3- the upgrade please be patient

4- the software does not prompt all the update is complete, do not disconnect the cable!

Restart Handybaby car key copy, then Updating…

handy-baby-6.1.0-update-11 handy-baby-6.1.0-update-12 handy-baby-6.1.0-update-13

All updating successfully!


Now your handy-baby is used with v6.1.0 software.