Scorpio-LK Tango & Barracuda All Key Lost Programming for Toyota H IMMO

Scorpio-LK Tango allows to solve all keys lost (AKL) situation on Toyota vehicles equipped with all currently known generations (Gen1 MCU 11910, Gen2 MCU 12xxx) of 128bit H immobilization system regardless of market (EU/Asia/USA), by creating a master key on LKP-04 without need to replace or reset the immobilizer. During the process car data is not altered in any way.


What You Need?


Operation Procedure

The system c can be summarized in two main stages, which are described below:

Read Immobilizer data with Barracuda

Master Key Creation (Write Transponder) with Tango

Read Immobilizer data

1.Take off the vehicle Immobilizer and connect it to Adapter H Immo

2.Connect Barracuda and start its software


3.Select ECU Maker->H-Immo. Then press Read Immo Data


4.Barracuda will connect to Immo, its part number will be shown, wait until readout is finished.


5.Save the dump file (*.bin)


After step 4 there are no more operations concerning the immobilizer so it can be returned to vehicle


Master Key Creation (Write Transponder)

1.Connect Tango and start its software

2.Select region Asia, then Toyota->Utility->H-Immo

3.Place a LKP-04 transponder in Tango coil

4.Press Open File button


4.Select the dump file saved in step 5 of Read Immobilizer data stage


5.Select LKP-04 in the dialog window and press OK


6.Wait until Tango finishes writing the transponder.

After step 6 the created LKP-04 transponder becomes a master key for the vehicle and can be used as diagnostic authorization (example Techstream ) to add TRPWS21 H keys (either Tango generated or original).