Review on OEM Orange 5 Programming Device: Error Load HPL file

I will share my experience with OEM Orange 5 V1.34 Programming Device ECU Chip Tuning in this article. Hope to help friends who have intention to purchase it.


To start with this topic, I will firstly popularize information of Orange 5. I think it is a good device for memory and microcontrollers with full package hardware, enhanced version software and professional programming functions.


I was trying to locate MCU or EEPROM on VW transporter with Siemens ECU unit. My friend recommended me OEM Orange 5 program machine. Sounds great by his introduction. Followed his advice, I bought the OEM Orange on with US$269 (free shipping). With 3 days delivery, I received the package including:

An orange 5 programmer,

A power adapter,

A USB cable,

Incircuit wire

A lot of adapters inside


Everything was going smoothly until I opened the software [OEM Orange 5] I encountered the following error messages:

Error Load HPL file: BlauCard.hpx

Cause: Error open file.


Error Load HPL file: Fish 2444.hpl



I consulted the customer service about this issue. She told me that I should move the orange5 v1.34 software from orange5 (E 🙂 to the computer first. And she provided me with a video about how to install Orange 5 V1.34 software. You can watch the video here:

Finally I solved the trouble. Start doing everything will encounter difficulties. Though I came across obstacle when using it, but I was still satisfied with OEM orange 5 V1.34, I have done many jobs on my car with the help of orange-5. It works fine, recommended!