Real Review on JLR Mangoose SDD Jaguar Diagnostic Tool

This article will share my experience on using JLR Mangoose interface cable & software with you.

I will never do anything about product marketing, this article is just for sharing my experience!


I am going to invest in some diagnostic tools to aid in the troubleshooting of many current/future issues going on with my Jaguar X-type.

I’ve done a search but wanted a bit more in-depth information about scan tools from Jaguar platform and some personal experience with them (Hardware and Software). I found JLR Mangoose SDD and JLR SDD2 were highly recommended. As a newbie, I finally decided to buy JLR Mangoose SDD for its much lower price than the other one.


Item cost USD$39.99 with free shipping. It shipped from China on Monday morning and arrived 3 days later. Delivery speed is faster than I imagined, I thought it would take a week for shipping.

Looks well made and came with v143 software (CD).


Fantastic customer service right the way through from someone (purporting to be) called Cindy. She told me some tips of using the software such as ‘No internet connection, or it will damage JLR Mangoose’ and ‘version after V137 do not support offline programming’ etc. I should say she is dutiful.


Thought I’d mention it as half the sites I looked at before this one looked properly dodgy with lots of negative comments. There are massive ranges of similar items but I still recommend this JLR diagnostic cable, it is a high-performance vehicle network interface that connects a laptop directly to the Bus Network via the OBD-II connector. Dealer level diagnostics tool with affordable price for most people.

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