Original Launch X431 Diagun III update failed, how to solve

Launch X431 Diagun III update failed:
When I update Original Launch X431 Diagun III on the official website, I got error “update failed”, the details reading as: Diagun III DISPLAY V2.00.002—-Decompression exception, update failed!
Firmware upgrade package V11.15—Decompression exception, update failed!
HM V10.02— Decompression exception, update failed!

See the following picture:
Launch X431 Diagun III update fail
Then I contact http://www.uobdii.com/ and the engineer advice me try to format the TF card or try an another card, I follow him but got the same error; then he guess maybe I interrupt downloading the vehicle software and the file may be only several KB, and advice me to select several car model to update, but got the same error again.

Then, uobd2 engineer remote control assists me.

Solve the problem:
Finally, I have solved the update install error. The fault was with the TF reader. I bought a new SD card reader and installed updates ok. Diagun works fine now. Thanks for uobd2 engineer great help.