Have a HYUNDAI CRETA 2022 (SU2R) and there is a SRS crash fault on it “B1651-00-89 CRASH RECORDED in Front Driver Side Airbag”. Use OBDSTAR P50 to reset airbag ECU on bench easily and fast.

How to do:

The function needs internet. Make sure the internet connection is normal during the operation.

Keep charging to P50 airbag reset tool and ensure the connection is normal.

If there is an available new software version, enter Upgrade function to update the reset software firstly.

After that, select Airbag Reset>> All>> Airbag Reset icon>> Airbag Reset newest software version (i.e.V30.44)>> Auto Search Part Number

Input the ECU part number (95910bw100) and confirm the value is correct

Identify the KIA ECU model successfully

Start to connect device and airbag ECU to read and erase DTC and crash

It needs to lay the ECU flat. Otherwise it may cause internet faults in the ECU

Use the OBDSTAR P004 Jumper to connect P004 Adapter and airbag ECU according to the wiring diagram in the software

And use the main cable to connect P004 Adapter and P50

Press the ON button on OBDSTAR P004 Adapter after connection

First, check the ECU info, the part number and ACU code are correct

Next, go to read DTC, we find the crash fault code B1651-00-89

Then, erase crash, succeed

After that, erase DTC, also succeed

Finally, read the DTC again, the crash fault code disappears

Perfect! OBDSTAR P50 Airbag Reset Tool successfully reset SRS crash data on Hyundai Creta 2022.