OBDSTAR F102 read Nissan Sylphy pin code in less than 1 minute

This blog is going to demonstrate how fast and easily OBDSTAR F102 Nissan Infiniti pin code reader read out Nissan Sylphy pin code. It will cost you less than 1 minute!



How use OBDSTAR F102 read Nissan Sylphy pin code?

Connect OBDSTAR F102 16 pin to car via OBD2 port. Start the device, and choose “Function”→ “Immobilizer”→ “Nissan/ Infiniti V31.16”.

obdstar-f102-nissan-infiniti-pin-code-reader-read-nissan-sylphy-2 obdstar-f102-nissan-infiniti-pin-code-reader-read-nissan-sylphy-3


Choose “Pin Code Calculator” and turn ignition off.


You can see BCM code as following picture:


Now OBDSTAR F102 can read out both the old pin code and the new pin code of Nissan Sylphy! And this process takes less than one minute!