OBDSTAR DC706 Clone Hyundai Siemens SIM2K-251 on Bench

It’s different from other Hyundai ECU models, there are two MCUs in SIM2K250 or SIM2K260, one of the MCU type is TC1782 (Store ECM data), the other MCU type is TC1724 (Store TCM data). Both ECM and TCM data are needed to be cloned with OBDSTAR DC706. This function can be read and restore EEPROM/Flash data of the TCM and ECM by Bench.

Here takes Hyundai Siemens/Continental SIM2K-251 as an example.

OBDSTAR P004 ECU Clone Jumper and Adapter, main OBD cable, and 12V power supply are required to work with DC706 ECU Tool.

Keep DC706 charging and communicating throughout the whole progress, and make sure the network connection is stable as well.

Menu Function Path:

ECU Flasher>> ECM>> ECM V30.41>> (choose the newest software version)>> BRAND>> Hyundai

Input 251 in the search box to quickly obtain the corresponding ECM model- HYUNDAI Siemens/Continental SIM2K-251 TC1724+TC1782

Check the TCM and ECM diagrams separately

Compared with TCM, ECM requires one more 12V jumper

OBDSTAR DC706 Hyundai SIM2K-251 TC1724+TC1782 Pinout Diagram:

B-Pin6= 12V (16) (ECM needs)

B-Pin 75, 41= 12V (16)

B-Pin 1= GND (4+5)

B-Pin 60= CAN L (14)

B-Pin 77= CAN H (6)

Follow the pinout to connect OBDSTAR DC706 ECU Tool and SIM2K-251 ECU correctly

First, select TCM mode to read and write INT EEPROM and INT Flash (TC1724) data

Then, add a 12V jumper, and select ECM mode to read and write INT EEPROM and INT Flash (TC1782) data

All works fine!