MOE JLR Pathfinder Book(Tricks & Secrets)

Be ready to learn the tricks and secrets of pathfinder and SDD JLR(key learn, CCF Editor, retrofit and programming) , purchase MOE JLR Pathfinder Book at On this book we can learn how we use engineering mode on pathfinder

The first book for real special functions JLR usage and case.

Pathfinder diagnostic system (Provide by Bosch), the corresponding diagnostic equipment will also be updated, the new diagnostic equipment JLR DoIP VCI supports the new (Internet Protocol (DoiP) protocol . This device must be used for communication. Vehicle before 2017 still use SDD software for communication detection.

To sum up.

  1. All models before 17 years, are some new models on the market in 2017, still need to use the SDD system, that is JLR VCI as the communication carrier, the SDD software has not been eliminated, and it will still be the main original diagnostic equipment of Land Rover for a period of time.
  2. Some models (462 \405\494) on the market in 2017 adopt the new DoIP protocol and need to use JLR Doip VCI as the communication carrier and use the new pathfinder software.

What can MOE JLR Pathfinder Book do for you?

Look at the following images, which shows how to use Pathfinder system to do a bunch of job including: read fault code (select ECU diagnosis), clear fault code (Click all DTC), electronic tailgate, watch DVD while driving, ACC adaptive cruise etc.

Look at some images below: