Mini Zed-Bull and JMA TPX cloner pinout


This is an experiment made to manage to connect the zed bull mini transponder key programmer to the JMA TPX cloner box, the cable is an rj11/rj12 connector to a db9 serial port.


To connect china zed bull with TPX cloner or maybe someone use greater version of software (grater than V5.08) to try to upgrade hardware grater than 5.02 (e.g decode 4D chip).


This is a test experiment. You are on your own risk. We are not responsible for the damage.

Tools needed:

Mini Zed-bull clone

JMA TPX Cloner

Both are clones. Both originals should work as well.

Zed-bull DB9 adapter is wired like this:

DB9 – RJ1?

3 —- 4 green

2 —- 3 red

5 —- 5 yellow


Use clone zed-bull hardware 5.02 with TPX 4D cloner.

mini-zed-bull-with-tpx-cloner-3 mini-zed-bull-with-tpx-cloner-1 mini-zed-bull-with-tpx-cloner-2

If you fail to manage to connect TPX 4D cloner box to Zed-Bull Mini key programmer, try to change max232 and capacitor around.