Mini VCI get “unable to Connect to VIM” error message

I can not get mine to work on Windows 7 or with Xp mode. The machine is 64 bit. Am I correct that it will not work on this machine or did I just install wrong? Keep getting a “Unable to connect to VIM” error message.

image002 image001




I got answer from engineer as bellow:

You can run it in the Xp mode you have to capture the USB -mini vci port. It will not work on any 64bit system as the mini-vci drive is 32bit only.


I asked: How do I do that?

Install the XP mode (XP system available at:

). Install the mini-vci drive and the TS software in the XP Mode. At the top of the XP mode it will have USB hit the drop down and select the MINI-VCI.
You should be good to go.


I solved finally:

Work now after a full day of pulling out my hair and almost tossing the computer through the window.