Mercedes 221 ME9.7 SCN coding online with vxdiag Benz C6

Mercedes Benz 221 with control unit ME9.7 perform online SCN coding with VXDIAG VCX Benz interface successfully. Here we go for step by step procedure.



Online SCN coding account

VCX Benz interface (BEZN C6 or VXDIAG Multi diagnostic tool with Benz software)

benz-221-me97-scn-coding-online-with-vcx benz-01


One computer with win7 8 10

Video Guide Here:



Run Xentry newest version.


Passenger cars W211 by automatically scanning.

benz-221-me97-scn-coding-online-with-vcx benz-03 benz-221-me97-scn-coding-online-with-vcx benz-04


Press “F2” to determine the data.

benz-221-me97-scn-coding-online-with-vcx benz-05


Again, click on”F2″ to determine the data.

DAS is initialized communication layer.

benz-221-me97-scn-coding-online-with-vcx benz-06



Get the IMPORTANT NOTE on you should ensure enough power supply.

benz-221-me97-scn-coding-online-with-vcx benz-07


Click on “Quick Test” and “F3”.

benz-221-me97-scn-coding-online-with-vcx benz-08


Click on “ME 9.7”, then “F3” after reading the safety notes.

benz-221-me97-scn-coding-online-with-vcx benz-08 benz-221-me97-scn-coding-online-with-vcx benz-10


Click on “F1” to back to click on “Control Unit adaptation”.

Choose “Variant coding”.

benz-221-me97-scn-coding-online-with-vcx benz-11 benz-221-me97-scn-coding-online-with-vcx benz-12


Click on “SCN coding” then “F3”.

benz-221-me97-scn-coding-online-with-vcx benz-13


Login with your user name and password.(Online SCN Coding one time service)

benz-221-me97-scn-coding-online-with-vcx benz-14 benz-221-me97-scn-coding-online-with-vcx benz-15 benz-221-me97-scn-coding-online-with-vcx benz-16


The 221 ME9.7 SCN coding has been completed successfully, choose “F2” to continue.

You can also choose print the test report.

benz-221-me97-scn-coding-online-with-vcx benz-17 benz-221-me97-scn-coding-online-with-vcx benz-18


Click on “ESC” to exit VXC Benz software.

benz-221-me97-scn-coding-online-with-vcx benz-19