Make a working BMW key by VVDI2 Commander Key Programmer OK

Hi there! I newly tested it OK to use VVDI2 Commander to make a working BMW key. So share my experience here and hope it helps!


Tool I used:

It is VVDI2 Commander Key Programmer for VW/Audi/BMW/Porsche Full Version. Because I need to deal with VW car issues I bought this VVDI2 full at, $2189 not including the delivery fee off course. But if you need a lower price and just focus on BMW, I know there is another option: VVDI2 with Basic, BMW and OBD Functions


Below I will talk about is the procedure VVDI2 make BMW key:

First connect VVDI2 with car and use the old key to turn ignition on. Open the software when I click Connect it automatically show me car information and “connect OK”.


Click Key Learn


Click Get Key Info and I see two options: one add key, one lost all key. I choose Add Key then NEXT.


And it says the dealer key should be taken away. So pull out the old key and I click OK.


  1. It read out all key information. I click Save Key Info below to save the original key data.


Next I choose KeyID3 and click Prepare dealer key with programmer.


It asks me to put new key into programmer. So I put the new key into VVDI2 coil.


Then it asks if the key has keyless, I say no.

  1. New key is made but locked. So as the tips I use the key to start car.


Yes. Car starts successfully as I expected!