Launch X431 PAD VII/PRO5 IMMO Software Activation Guide

In the past, Launch X431 PAD VII/PRO5 + X-prog3 can program keys for German brands, BMW, Benz and Porsche ONLY. Now users are allowed to activate the IMMO software package license to the device for other brands like GM, Nissan, Honda, Ford, PSA, Renault, Chrysler, etc key programming. No need an extra IMMO tablet.

There are two Launch IMMO Software Licenses released by Launch.

How to activate IMMO Software License?

1. For the first activation, you must purchase two-year upgrade service.

*After two years software license expires, renew it with any type of license above.

2. Provide the serial number of your Launch tool to us to confirm and activate the license. It will be activated within 3 days.

3. After activation, enter the Software Update function on the device menu to update the IMMO software package. Then the Launch tool will have the same immobilizer function as the X-431 IMMO Plus or X-431 IMMO Elite.

Launch X431 PRO5/LAUNCH PAD VII + Launch GIII X-PROG3+ IMMO software = LAUNCH X431 IMMO PLUS