How to use YH BMW CAS3 CAS4 Test Adapter (with videos & images)

Have no idea if the CAS module is good or bad? if the key programming is done? if the key frequency is accurate? You need one YH BMW CAS3 CAS4 Test Adapter, which can work alone with indicators also work with ACDP adapter.


CAS adapter capabilities:

  1. Test if CAS program is running normally.
  2. Test ifCAS data is valid.
  3. Test ifthe key is outputting inductive signal.
  4. Test ifthe key is legal.


Testing if CAS3 module is good or bad:

cas3-tester-d2-indicator-can-bus-communicates-with-the-cas-module-well-01 cas3-tester-d3-indicator-flashes-03 cas3-tester-d4-indicator-long-time-valid-02



Testing if CAS4 module is good or bad:

cas4-tester-d2-indicator-can-bus-communicates-with-the-cas-module-well-04 cas4-tester-d3-indicator-flashes-beep-05


YH CAS Tester indicator light meaning:

  1. The indicator D2 flashes to indicate that the tester CAN Bus communicates with the CAS module normally.
  2. The indicator light D4 is on for a long time, indicating that the CAS module data is valid.
  3. Put the key into the induction coil, and the D3 indicator flashes, indicating that the key is outputting LF signal.
  4. If the tester beeps, indicating that this key is the valid key of the corresponding CAS module, or the newly programmed key is learned successfully.