Yanhua ACDP corrects mileage on VW MQB & Passat MMC when all keys lost

Yanhua ACDP + VW MQB / MMC instrument module 6 support parts of VDO mileage adjustment of VW MQB platform via OBD even when all keys lost (working tother with PCF-KEY adapter), and Passat MMC (NEC D70F3525 + 95320) instrument adjustment after years 2015 by ICP mode.  Here we go for how to perform this function.


Interface and software to use:

1). Yanhua ACDP basic module (249usd)

yanhua acdp-01

Image source


2). VW MQB/MMC Instrument Module6 + authorization (55USD)

Image source


3). Computer or IOS device or Android phone.

1) Computer

OS: Win 7/ 10


2) IOS system:

System version: 9.0 or more

Cell phone models: iPhone 6 or up

Running memory RAM:> 2G

Storage Space ROM:> 1.5G


3) Android phone requirement:

System version: 5.0 or above; running memory RAM;> 2G ; Storage space ROM:> 1.5G)


To use with IOS system or Android phone, you are required to turn on Bluetooth & Wifi

Bluetooth version: 4.0 or more

Wifi: 2 or 4G (5G is not supported)



Step 1. Download, install, settings

Step 2. Perform VW MQB MMC mileage correction


Step 1: Download, install, settings

* Take Android Phone for example.

1). Browse http://www.acdpmaster.com (Yanhua ACDP official site), click on “Resource download”. Donwload “ACDP Android APP“, use my phone to scan the QR code.

yanhua-acdp-android-install-04 acdp-android-qr-code-05


2). Get the link: https://www. pgyer.com/acdp , click on it to download. Click the icon in the top right corner showed in the picture and open it in the corresponding browser.



3). If you can’t see the icon shown as following image 1, tap “Mine”, then “System settings”, then “App and resource update” , then ” Resource file update” and “Resource fix” (image 2), finally, you get to normal menu (image 3)

yanhua-acdp-android-install-07 yanhua-acdp-frm-programming-08 yanhua-acdp-frm-programming-09



4). Bind your ACDP to the computer & register the account.

Any question, just tap “Manual” for instructions.



Step 2. Perform VW MQB MMC mileage correction

Tap “VW” and get options:

MQB Platform Instrument

Passat MMC Meter (2015- )

Touareg (2011 -)

yanhua-acdp-menu-11(01) yanhuan-acdp-vw-mqb-mmc- mileage-correction-11


1) MQB Platform Instrument with ACDP:

Instrument with NEC35xx (Continental /VDO)

yanhuan-acdp-vw-mqb-mmc- mileage-correction-12

Adjust mileage

yanhuan-acdp-vw-mqb-mmc- mileage-correction-13

Auto mode and Advanced mode

yanhuan-acdp-vw-mqb-mmc- mileage-correction-14

Tap “Auto mode” then get option ” Adjust mileage”.

yanhuan-acdp-vw-mqb-mmc- mileage-correction-15

Tap ” advanced mode” and get options: reading mileage, adjust mileage, backup data, recover data etc.

yanhuan-acdp-vw-mqb-mmc- mileage-correction-16

2) Passat MMC meter (2015 -) with ACDP:

NEC D70F3525 + 95320

yanhuan-acdp-vw-mqb-mmc- mileage-correction-17

Tap “Help” for wiring diagram

yanhuan-acdp-vw-mqb-mmc- mileage-correction-18 yanhuan-acdp-vw-mqb-mmc- mileage-correction-19 yanhuan-acdp-vw-mqb-mmc- mileage-correction-20 yanhuan-acdp-vw-mqb-mmc- mileage-correction-21 yanhuan-acdp-vw-mqb-mmc- mileage-correction-22 yanhuan-acdp-vw-mqb-mmc- mileage-correction-23

Go on……

As you can see, you will feel easy to use Yanhua ACDP to perform MQB Platform Instrument and Passat MMC meter (2015 -).