How to use X431 Auto IDiag on iPhone iPad IOS V8.0

X431 Auto Diag iOS requirements:
X431 Auto Diag works with iPhone / iPad/ iPod touch with IOS 8.0 or above IOS 8.0

Step one: Install X431 IDiag software on IPhone.
Firstly, open Appstore on your IPhone, search X431, in the search result click one area to install, for example X431 china.
Step two: connect X431 IDiag diagnostic connector with car and iPhone/ iPad/ iPod touch

a.connect X431 IDiag diagnostic connector with car
Plug DBscar interface near the steering wheel as the following picture shows.
Open X431 IDiag , turn on the ignition of the car.


B, connect X431 IDiag diagnostic connector with iPhone/ iPad/ iPod touch
Open the Bluetooth of IPhone to search the device, the name of device Bluetooth is diagnostic connector serial number; to match Bluetooth does not need password.

Step three: register CC number

After connect well the diagnostic connector, open the diagnostic software installed in your iPhone (iPad iPod touch), click “settings” on the upper right corner to enter and register CC number, note: you could enter your email address as your user name, also you could register at
 Step four: connector registration
After login, click “connector registration” in the “settings”, (register X431 IDiag diagnostic connector into CC account). The diagnostic connector serial number will automatically get, if not, please exist the software and enter again or manually input the connector serial number ( the SN is marked on the DBScar connector). Click serial number and in the box of X431 IDiag you open the password letter to get the password. Finish registration as the following pictures shows.

x431-auto-diag-registger-interface-05 x431-auto-diag-automatically-get-serial-number-06


Step five: Pay the software (you are allowed to pay on the PC)
After finish registering x431 IDiag, please click “get the software” (browse, log in with the CC number and password, then go to the page for ordering the software, select the software according to the car model, you are available to buy multiple software as you want.
log-in-dbscar-site-with CC-number-and-password-09
 Step 6, Download the software

Click the diagnostic software to download, download the paid software and the free software (The OBDII software is free of charge).

Step 7, you are ready to use Launch IDiag to diagnose car models

Back to the page of car models selection, click the car model icon you paid. You are ready to diagnose. The following pictures show how deal with the southeastern cars.
OBD2 enginner Note: when the PLC program releases the newest version, the terminal will give priority to the update of the PLC program.