How to use Turbo decoder HU92 open door of BMW E93

This is the instruction on how to use Turbo decoder HU92 for BMW E93. decoder HU92 is “а masterpiece of precision mechanics” to allow professionals to open, in a non-destructive way, doors and ignition locks of BMW vehicles in just a few seconds.


1- Open the gate (pull it out) before you start working with HU92 decoder

2- The Turbo wheel (last wheel) must be all the way to the LEFT

3- Reset all 8 pins to position 0, 4pins on each side of the tool

(that is, push the pins all the way DOWN)


4- Every time you insert the tool in the lock or pull it out of the lock, the gate must be closed (PUSH IT IN) and the Turbo wheel must be RIGHT

5- Open the gate (pull it out), push the Tension wheel only to LEFT when insert the tool


NOTE: when there is NO tension in the Turbo wheel, it means that the tool is not inserte correctly. Please close the gate (push it in), turn the tool around and open the gate. Then also push the Tension wheel only to LEFT.


6- Start “pumping” by turning the Turbo wheel all the way to the LEFT & releasing the Tension wheel

7- Repeat the procedure above

8- It is unlocked

9- Close the gate, turn the Turbo wheel to the RIGHT and then put it out.

10- unlock E93 with Turbo HU92


Additionally after opening, the lock code can be read for key reproduction.


When the car is NOT with a start button, after opening the door you may also start the car itself


Models coverage:

Supports all E series till 2014

E60/ E61 /E 63 /E64/ E65/ E70/ E71/ E87/ E90/ E91/ E92/ E93 and HU83 locks

It also works with HU83 locks for SOME models of Citroen, Lancia, Peugeot.

Additionally, the tool is appropriate for Scania, Land Rover, MINI Cooper and Rolls Royce



NOTE: Training process is necessary to learn the opening procedure. If you haven’t been trained and you have no experience, please keep in mind that the warranty of the manufacturer will not apply.