How to use Launch X431 PAD VII with VSP600 Videoscope?

Welcome back guys, in this article, I’m going to cover the VSP600 Videoscope from launch and connecting it to the X431 PAD VII tablet and operate some of the software.

In the case you will receive a number of different connections regarding the adaption usb ports depending upon you can actually use it on any launch tablets (X431 Pro 4, pro5) , which have the different usb ports, but on the PAD VII this will actually plug in directly into the USB A port on the tablet itself which is located on the side.

Camera itself has 800mm length flexible protected cord with a 5.5mm diameter LED camera. Also, it has 6 LEDs illumination adjustable light lamps around the camera itself and this is adjusted by moving the dial up or down depending upon what brightness, it is it is automatic focus to up to about 50mm.

Also, it has a button on the top of the hand piece to press to take a snapshot of the unit itself, the video camera itself is around 30 frames per second.  And at a resolution around 1280 by 720 resolution.

With the software itself, you’re just a matter of powering up the PAD VII.

And select other modules.

Click on “Toolbox area.

And select “Videoscope, once the video scope, it might ask you for permission, so say okay and then it’s ready to operate.

Now in the small parts I’ve mentioned before with the accessories in it, you just take it out of the bag, has number of attachments that you can use by our unscrewing the end cap Area.

You can actually fit. This one here which is actually a magnet.

So if you’re required to pick up something out of a cylinder or a tight area, you can actually. He is a magnet.

The other one: unscrew is the 90 degree camera, so if you need to go around a corner or 90 degrees to the hole that you’re viewing so it’s in this direction you can use this one attachment.

The third one Is the hook, so again if you need to hook up a hook something out of a cylinder, a tight area, you can use this hook, so it’s useful in some cases you need to use it more so than a camera. And you can actually see it at the same time.

The magnet has a hole in the center of it, so you can actually view.

The article that you received is picking up magnetically.

To enter into X431 PAD VII video scope area as it’s just as simple as selecting “other modules”, then “Toolbox” and “videoscope”

Enter into the Videoscope, the software is quite simple, it’s just a matter of if it’s a camera, showing on the front screen means that it’s in camera mode by hitting the camera area, it will change into the video while you’re using the videoscope.

If it’s in video mode by pressing the button will turn the video on and turn the video off the same goes with in camera mode, if it’s in camera mode by pressing the button on it will take a snapshot of that picture at the present time, and stored in the gallery area.

To view the gallery area simply go back into the X431 PAD VII main menu.

go back and slide the screen across, enter into gallery and all your photos and videos will be there.

Just a matter of selecting that video and touch the center of the screen, and then it’ll operate all pause.

To share the video sand select “share”. And select how is going to share the video to somebody else.

I opened up and remove the spark plug from this motor and place the camera down the hole where the spark plug came from and indicates the top of the cylinder area where I can actually see exhaust and inlet valves and the piston and you notice in the article that the exhaust and inlet valve were operating, but the piston was not moving when I rotated the crankshaft.

The next video I removed the actual dipstick of the station aries motors sump area and place the camera down the sump, you can see the greening of the picture is because the reflection of the oil and the mechanical parts of the low engine and you actually see I can rotate the shaft and the gearing operates.

But again the piston was not in the earlier video, so I can actually see under these conditions, if as physical mechanical damage at this point in time, if I didn’t want a video I pressed into the camera area on the X431 PAD VII and placed a snapshot and then stored it into as a picture form, so I can actually file the picture somewhere, if I require.

So it’s gonna example that I have proof or physical damage inside the motor without actually pulling the motor apart.