How to update Ikeycutter condor XC-007

UOBD2 enginner help you to update Ikeycutter condor XC-007

Unzip “Condor Online Update Tool”, you can see: Online Update Tool.exe, user manual, ft232 usb driver, update video and a supported car list.

Explanation for car list:
Condor mainly works with cars, not civil locks, since the civil locks material is hard and easy to wear condor blades.

Install driver before update
There are 2 driver to install
Firstly, install USB driver
Step 1:  Connect the tool to the computer, found new hardware.
Step 2:  Decompress “ft232 usb driver”, drive will install automatically.
Step 3:  Select the specified directory: Include this location in the search.
Step 4:  The wizard will automatically finish installing USB serial Converter.
Secondly, install USB Serial port
The wizard will automatically install USB Serial port
Update Condor
Click “Update Online” to update.
1)If your network connection is not fast enough or fail to update, click “^” to update.
2)DO NOT disconnect the device during the process of updating. If not, the device will fail to use.

It will take you about 90 minutes to update xc-007 because update needs to connect with our server, please wait patiently.