How to tell if a BMW Creator C110+ is real or clone

Attention please!

Recently some people feedback the clone Creator C110+  mix in the market and try to confuse the beginners who never use real BMW Creator C110+ before.

Here some tips on how to tell if a BMW Creator C110+ is real or clone.


  • Certainly, the clone one is unable to update, while the real Creator C110+  is able to update at official site frequently. BTW, please make sure get one real Creator C110+  from the authorized dealer.
  • Moreover, the real Creator C110+  is different from clone one at outlook, here couples of pictures.original-Creator-C110-vs-copy-box-01 original-Creator-C110-vs-copy-02 original-Creator-C110-vs-copy-adapter-03 original-Creator-C110-vs-copy-16pin-04

Here  Creator C110+ V4.4 BMW Code Reader available at
creator-c110-v4-4-bmw-code-reader creator-c110-v4-4-bmw-code-reader-01 creator-c110-v4-4-bmw-code-reader-03 creator-c110-v4-4-bmw-code-reader-04