How to read write eeprom 93c86 by VVDI Prog Xprog UPA Carprog?

This article is available with how to read & write eeprom 93c86 by VVDI Prog, Xprog, UPA, Carprog etc.


1.How to read and write eeprom 93c86 using Xhorse VVDI Prog?


Remove KESSY module under the steering wheel from vehicle



Open Kessy module and locate 93C86 EEPROM. Connect vvdi programmer with chip IC 93C86.

read-eeprom-data-with-xhorse-vvdi-prog-03 read-eeprom-data-with-xhorse-vvdi-prog-04 read-eeprom-data-with-xhorse-vvdi-prog-05


Open VVDI Prog software

Select 4th Immobilizer->KESSY(2008-)

(*VW Touareg, Phaeton, Porsche Cayenne and Audi A8 from 2004 use Access/Start Authorization (KESSY) system for transponder keys authorization. )



Read and save KESSY eeprom data

Install KESSY module back to vehicle.


2.How to use Carprog to read and write eeprom 93c86?

Try using 12v and also interchange pin 1 and 8.

u need pins 1234 58 no 6

carprog colors to chip pin numbers on 93c76/86 on solder points
pin1 white pin2 yellow pin3 brown pin4 blue pin5 green pin8 gray

pins 5 and 1 are hard points make sure u scuff points good to get good contact it works easy

just cause it reads , doesn’t mean u read the right thing or it was a good read
here are how I did , don’t follow colors follow pins

carprog read 93c86 eeprom-07 carprog read 93c86 eeprom-09 carprog-read-93c86-eeprom-08 carprog-read-93c86-eeprom-10 carprog-read-93c86-eeprom-11 carprog-read-93c86-eeprom-12 carprog-read-93c86-eeprom-13

Tip: carprog always make a backup


3.I try to read eeprom 93C86 for alfa spider brera dashboard with upa usb programmer but I have a problem.
Reading is done successfully but the file is blank.



Solution: take out eeprom from pcb, by unsoldering and resoldering.