How to install FG Tech Galletto 2-Master V54

Step 1: Setup Galletto driver on your computer.
Insert the FGTECH v54 CD into CD-ROM, open it and right click “FGtech Galletto Edited v1.0 Galleto Setup” and open it.
Step 2: Connect FGTECH to computer and car, then turn ignition on.
you will find “Found New Hardware Wizard” , click “Install from a list or specification (Advanced), install it into “C:\FGTech\fgtech_new_driver” , finally the wizard has finished installing the software for USB FGTech Driver.

Step 3: open the desk icon “Galletto”, a window pops up reading ” WinLicense: This application has been registered to dragan XP – “, click “OK”.


Step 4: Reinstall FGTECH software driver again as the same way as you just operate.
After complete installing, a window pops up showing ” EOBD2: NUOYO IMPORTANT AGGIORNAMENTO …..Download AS SOON AS POSSIBLE”, click “OK”.
fgtech-v54-setup-06 fgtech-v54-setup-07
Step 5: you come to “EOBD2 By F.G. TECHNOLOGY 2012”, then a window pops up, click “OK” is okay.
Then click Language option, you will find FGTECH is available with these language: Italiano, English, Deutsch, Francais, Espanol, Portugues, Czech, Turkish”.
fgtech-v54-setup-08 fgtech-v54-setup-09

Step 6: click “Selection Driver” , there are 6 icons options : CAR, TRUCK, Tractor – MARINE, Motorbike, TOOL BOOT, BDM/JTAG.
Take “Car” for example, as following picture shows, I test Volkswagen Jetta 2.0 TDI 140CV EDC17CP14 * CAN for example.
fgtech-v54-setup-09 fgtech-v54-setup-10
Step 5: ready to write ECU.
You will find the voltage is 12.9V with green color, and the words “USE IT” is keep flashing.

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