How to Generate ID47/49/4A/MQB Remote with Xhorse B5 Super Remote?

Xhorse XEB510EN B5 Super Remote comes with built-in XT27B super chip. It’s compatible with Xhorse VVDI2, VVDI Mini Key Tool, VVDI Key Tool, Key Tool Max, Key Tool Max Pro, and Key Tool Plus to generate ID47/49/4A/MQB and other common chips.

When you generate a remote on the vehicle such as Ford F150/Fiesta (2017+)/Transit (2016+) ID49 or Nissan QASHQAI ID4A, you will see the prompt “This option should use B5 super remote”. You must use B5 super remote, not an ordinary remote, and other super remote.

How to generate remote with Xhorse VW B5 Super Remote Key?

1. Use B5 super remote to work with the Xhorse tool supported

2. Take out the key board, program it against the ignition coil

3. After programming is successful, press the remote unlock button once to open the main door, and press the remote unlock button twice to open 4 doors. At this time, the trunk can be opened directly

Xhorse B5 Super Remote detailed info:

Xhorse Universal Super Remote

B5 Style 3 Buttons

XE Series Super Remote

Part Number: XEB510EN

Transponder: XT27B

Product Size: 2.52 x 1.34 x 0.58 In

Product Weight: 1.344oz

Battery Model: CR2032 (Not included)

Circuit board:

What is the feature of Xhorse VW B5 Type Super Remote?

All IDs possible as Super Chip, Super Remote Key is with XT27B Super Chip inside.

Each key you can collect 40 points.

Universal wireless remote with an embedded cloneable Super Transponder

Support generating various wireless remote types including 11/12/13/7935/7936/48/4C/4D/4E/8A/8C/8E etc.

Integrated design, ultra-stable and reliable

Wireless programming; Reprogrammable

Which chips are supported?

  • 47 49 4A MQB (Newly Added)
  • 46 (optimized)
  • 47 (Honda electric A/G)
  • 49 (Ford)
  • 4A
  • MQB
  • 8A Toyota H Chip/Hyundai 8A, copy
  • 8C Haima
  • 8E Honda
  • 4C
  • 4D (60/63/67/69/70/72g/80/83)
  • 4E (64)
  • 48 (VAG/Honda)
  • 7935 (33/40/41/42/43/44) (optimized)
  • 7936 (46)
  • 11/12/13

VVDI Super XT27A VS XT27B:

Supported Transponder Type     XT27A   XT27B
46 √(optimized)
47 (Honda electronic integrated A/G, etc.) × √(newly added)
49 (Ford) × √(newly added)
4A × √(newly added)
MQB × √(newly added)
8A (Toyota H chip/Hyundai 8A, support copy)
8C (Seahorse)
8E (Honda)
4C (Old Corolla, etc.)
4D (60/63/67/69/70/72G/80/83)
4E (64)
48 (Volkswagen/Honda, etc.)
7935 (33/40/41/42/43/44) √(optimized)
7936 (46)

Xhorse XEB510EN Volkswagen B5 Type Super Remote with XT27B Super Chip 5pcs/lot:

Xhorse XEB510EN Volkswagen B5 Type Super Remote with XT27B Super Chip 10pcs/lot: