How to diagnose India Mahindra using VPECKER EASYDIAG adapter

VPECKER EASYDIAG India car diagnostic adapter is especially designed to access to Indian car’s full systems of Tata Maruti Mahindra.

This post is on how to use this VPECKER adapter to diagnose India Mahindra. 


VPECKER EASYDIAG India car diagnostic adapter ok on Mahindra:

Communication (OK)

Read ECU Information (OK)

Read DTCs (OK)

Erase DTCs (OK)

Data List (OK)

Active Test (OK)


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  1. Communication.

Please connect Vpecker India with the car. After connection, the indication light turn on red.

Please check the connection of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, if connect successfully, the indication light will turn to blue.

Run the Vpecker India, and start to diagnose.

vpecker easydiag mahindra-01

Choose the vehicle you need, and enter the diagnostic system:

vpecker easydiag mahindra-02


Please press next page.

vpecker easydiag mahindra-03 vpecker easydiag mahindra-04 vpecker easydiag mahindra-05

2 Read ECU Information

vpecker easydiag mahindra-06

3 Read DTCs

vpecker easydiag mahindra-07

4 Erase DTCs

vpecker easydiag mahindra-08 vpecker easydiag mahindra-09

5 Data List

vpecker easydiag mahindra-10

Selecct some items:

vpecker easydiag mahindra-11 vpecker easydiag mahindra-12


Select the 1st item, and click the Wave button:

vpecker easydiag mahindra-13

Click the Record button to start data recording, until to click Stop button to stop recording:

vpecker easydiag mahindra-14

Click the Play button, it will show the recording data list, select one of them and replay the recording data:

vpecker easydiag mahindra-15

6 Active Test

vpecker easydiag mahindra-16 vpecker easydiag mahindra-17 vpecker easydiag mahindra-18


  1. Print

Prints out recorded data with Wi-Fi printing capability.

vpecker easydiag mahindra-19


Press “OK” to print the test report, as below:

vpecker easydiag mahindra-20 vpecker easydiag mahindra-21