How to choose Launch X431 IMMO Key Programmer

Launch X431 IMMO Plus and X431 IMMO Elite are all-in-one Auto key programmer, released by Launch Tech. They all support comprehensive immo function, diagnostics and service functions. But what’s the different between and How to choose? Here is the comparsion:

Same Hardware:

Launch X431 IMMO Plus and Launch X431 IMMO Elite have same hardware, they are equiped with 8inch, 1280*800 Display Screen, Androd 10.0, 4 + 64G storage,6300mAh battery.

Same Functions:

  • IMMO Anti-theft Functions: IMMO PLUS LAUNCH scanner can read the immobilizer PIN and backup the key information for later reset/relearn. Include Read PIN; Key De-lete/Add/All Lost; Key Learning; Module Data Wiping; Module Replacement, IMMO ECU Reset, etc.
  • Key Programming: Working with X431 PROG3 key programmer, LAUNCH X431 IMMO PLUS serves 99% of coverage and provides Engine/Gearbox ECU Module Cloning & Replacement; Remote Matching; Key Generation; Key Learning; Read/Write Key EEPROM, MCU, Engine, Immobilizer; Backup & Restore Engine ECU Programming Data, etc.
  • ECU Module Clone: Cover Engine/Gearbox ECU Clone for 5000+ models. Easily replace the new/used modules without complex & tedious operations.
  • 39+ Maintenance Functions: IMMO PLUS scanner not only configure comprehensive IMMO functions but also integrates common reset functions for a full range of diagnostics.
  • All-system Diagnostics: IMMO PLUS scans all the vehicle control modules and finds out all the DTCs to help you to know what’s wrong with the car.
  • Bi-directional Control: An essential feature for quickly locating vehicle problems and saving your time.
  • With X-PROG 3 Key Programming Tool : Compatible with X-PROG 3 enables reading and writing EEPROM, generating special keys, anti-theft type identification, remote control matching, key chip reading and matching, anti-theft password reading and anti-theft component replacement.
  • 2 Years Free Update: Provides 2 Years free update, One-Touch update via WiFi to enjoy more functions, get wider available vehicle coverage, add more languages, and improve the performance.
  • 99% of Vehicle Coverage and 24+ Language Supported.

Different: Launch X431 IMMO Plus support more functions, the function below is Launch x431 immo plus support but Launch X431 IMMO elite not or need to subscribe.

CAN FD Protocol: With the assistance of new communication standards, LAUNCH IMMO PLUS auto scanner enables much higher data rates & faster diagnostic speed than ever.A
AutoAuth for FCA SGW: Use the latest software update function AutoAuth to provide diagnosis, active testing, etc., making the diagnostics more secure.Applicable to FCA vehicles equipped with a security gateway module (SGW) in 2017 and later.
ECU Coding: Solving some ECU-related issues and allowing you to personalize your vehicle functions as preference need.
VAG Guided Functions: Offer step-by-step instructions and guide technicians to do fast repairs.

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Launch X431 IMMO Plus:
Launch X431 IMMO Elite: