How soic8 clip used with upa usb programmer for reading eeprom chip


Question from user:
Q: Have upa usb v1.3 from and the adapter board that read 95160 has pins were to connect the clip wire but the clip is not included, I have ordered one from ebay now, since the solder place for 95160 on the adapter i defect and I hope it also works with clip to read and to write, I have de-soldered the eeprom. My question: Can the soic8 clip be used with upa usb programmer for reading eeprom chip st95160 and for writing the eeprom?

Answer from uobd2 engineer:
RE: Normally you can use clip to read/write eeprom with upa usb programmer, but sometimes is absolutely necessary de-solder eeprom from PCB to read it. Always is better desolder eeprom for garanted 100% read OK. Anyway if you decide use clip, remember verify dump after read it two or three times and check the read dump with hex editor for guaranteed the most possible that the dump is OK.