How does OBDSTAR Key SIM (Key Simulator) work?

OBDSTAR Key SIM 5-in-1 key simulator for Toyota , working together with X300 DP / X300 DP Plus / X300 Pro4 V32.37, can program key for Toyota when All Keys Lost and even more Porsche(2005-2010) / HYUNDAI/KIA 46 Pincode decryption.



OBDSTAR Key SIM (Key Simulator) what can do?

1). Supports 46, 4D Data Collection

2). Supports 46 Transponder Password Calculation, Supported models:

  • Porsche(2005-2010) 46 Pincode decryption
  • HYUNDAI/KIA 46 Pincode decryption,etc.

3). Supports Toyota/Lexus 4D (94/D4, 98) Smart Key Simulation

4). Supports Toyota/Lexus H (88/A8, A9, 39) Smart Key Simulation


Good to know:

1. For those who own simulated key 1-4 cards (which used to be not working because of server down), congratulations, they can work now by updating TOYOTA V32.37 for OBDSTAR X300 DP/ X300 DP Plus / X300 Pro4 .

Emulator key 1 for Toyota smart key 94/D4 type: working again

Emulator key 2 for Toyota smart key 98 type: working again

Emulator key 3 for Toyota smart key 88/A8 type: working again

Emulator key 4 for Toyota smart key A9 type: working again


2. obdstar x300 pro3: not work with Key SIM

3. Toyota keyless go programming AKL 2017+: Confirmed

4. x300dp plus package comes with the simulator card 1 (yellow one) as default, no the other ones.

5. obdstar Key SIM 5-in-1 simulator is optional, not included in the P001 package.

6. Simulated key 1-4 cards can work, but it stops production, please order Key SIM 5-in-1 simulator instead now.

7. Key SIM can collect data for 4D 46 and online calculate ID46 for the cars from 2017 – 2020. As for Toyota 4D H smart key, it may be possible if obdstar can read eeprom data.

8. Key SIM can work with all Toyota from all countries, not like the Simulated key 1-4 cards which can only generate Toyota H chip smart key from Middle east and America.

How does OBDSTAR Key SIM key simulator work?

Watch video: OBDSTAR Key Master DP Plus All key Lost for Toyota A8 Type Via Key Sim


Firstly, update OBDSTAR X300 DP/ X300 DP Plus / X300 Pro4 TOYOTA V32.37 .


Then tap “IMMO” -> “Toyota” – “Toyota /Lexus V32.37”.

how-does-obdstar-key-sim-key-simulator-work-02 how-does-obdstar-key-sim-key-simulator-work-03 how-does-obdstar-key-sim-key-simulator-work-04

Method 1. Manual Select Model -> Toyota or Lexus -> Area (Asia) -> 86 (for example) -> Proximity -> 2012 – > Program smart key.

how-does-obdstar-key-sim-key-simulator-work-05 how-does-obdstar-key-sim-key-simulator-work-06 how-does-obdstar-key-sim-key-simulator-work-07 how-does-obdstar-key-sim-key-simulator-work-08 how-does-obdstar-key-sim-key-simulator-work-09 how-does-obdstar-key-sim-key-simulator-work-10

Follow the on-screen instruction:

Each procedure has to complete within the specified time.

Put an emulator key close to the ignition switch, and turn it ON till the dashboard is lit up.

how-does-obdstar-key-sim-key-simulator-work-11 how-does-obdstar-key-sim-key-simulator-work-12

Method 2. Manual select system -> Proximity -> Type 1 to Type 7.

After selecting Type 4 (with H) and then “program smart key”, it will also need the emulator key. Or after selecting type 5 (All smart keys Lost)and then “Add smart key”, it will prompt “Make sure the simulated card is fully charged”.

how-does-obdstar-key-sim-key-simulator-work-13 how-does-obdstar-key-sim-key-simulator-work-14 how-does-obdstar-key-sim-key-simulator-work-15 how-does-obdstar-key-sim-key-simulator-work-16 how-does-obdstar-key-sim-key-simulator-work-17 how-does-obdstar-key-sim-key-simulator-work-18