How does ACDP code used MDS85 DME to the existing CAS?

Car model and year: 2011 X5 V8

Symptom: water damaged DME that will not respond to anything

Question: Purchased a used DME, what tools/software I would need to either do a Immo delete or code the used DME to the existing CAS?

What to do next?

Option 1. With right tools possible, but for 1 car to by tool it’s too expensive. Need data from ecu and cas to adapt it.


Option 2.

Yanhua Mini ACDP probably cheapest.

You will need a CAS module 11 from ACDP you may also potentially need to reset the 8hp transmission (guide video: )

Image 1: Yanhua ACDP Module 11

Image 2: reset the 8hp ISN.

Please research well what you’re about to do otherwise the bill from a professional to recover the car will be quite big.

DME will need to be flashed and coded after matching. I don’t remember if EGS ISN is in DME in these models if so you’ll need to clear/re adapt it.

Suggestion 3.

You have two options if not three,

  1. Look for a tool that can write ISN to MSD ECU. Read cas ISN write to DME
  2. Look for a tool that can read MSD ISN and write to CAS.
  3. Look for a technician in yourcountry who has any of the above tools to do it for you

ACDP can do it but you have to buy the right modules, one to read write dme (i dont think it can write this dme), cas module to read write cas, egs module to reset gearbox if you change cas isn.

Anyway, if you have the same problem, please provide with the DME image and the last 7 number of VIN. They will help.