Free V1.20 R270 BDM programmer CAS4 and installation

R270+ V1.20 BDM Programmer for BMW CAS4 & Mercedes-Benz is able to directly read and write chip data quickly and safely, support for the new 2009 7 Series (F01/F02) CAS4 odometer and chips read and write data, safe and effective. Following are the software download, installation and some FAQ provided.

V1.2 R270+ software can be downloaded free here:

Language: English only

Operating system: Windows XP

How to install R270/R270+ BDM programmer software?

Video instruction:

1) Install Software Setup

Download R270 V1.20 software or open software CD

Open “R270 1.20” folder

Open “SETUP.exe”


Click Next

Enter User Information (Name, Company and Serial), click Next


Click “Next”

Click “Next”

Click “Next”

Setup installation is in progress


Click “Finish” when setup is installed completely

2) Install Drivers

Open R270 software on desktop

Click “Install” to install CP210x VCP drivers


Click “Yes”

Click “Next”

Accept license agreement

Click “Next”

Click “Install”

Click “Finish” and then “Install”


3) Run Software

Open R270 V1.20 software on desktop

Select IC, start read/erase/write with the software


How to use, setup and connect R270 R270+ V1.20 BMW CAS4 BDM Programmer?

Please check the video instruction here:

R270 BDM programmer PCB display:



r270-bdm-programmer-for-bmw-cas4-6 r270-bdm-programmer-for-bmw-cas4-5


Q: Is soldering required or do I just put the chip in and program it?

A: Need soldering, remove chips and put it on the adapter. When it’s done, you need solder chips back to your dashboard.

Q: I have R270 In-circuit programmer but do not have the serial. Does any body know what the proper serial is?

A: Enter anything in Company and Serial, runt as an administrator and it works

Q: Can I change the km in my 2009 vito ezs using r270?

A: Res, R270 can do it.

Q: Hello. Today i buy R270+ black box and everything is ok. I put 35080vp and erase and my tool erase ok i choose program and device say wait 1-3 minutes and in adapter eeprom red led is not working and i wait 10-20 min and light not go on. Can anybody tell how to repair this adapter or my tool is broken?


R270 supports the M35080 series of quick clear, read and write (35080/35080-V6/35080-VP/D80 D0WQ/D160/35160, etc.). Therefore, if you fail to use R270 to work with M35080 eeprom, firstly you have to remove M35080 chip and then plug it into the IC socket, this IC socket is designed for M35080 eeprom. Beside, you need to check if it is well-welded with the board? If not well-welded, it means poor communication, then it can’t quick clear and read the mileage data.


Q: When connect external POWER SUPPLY 5v in pin 8 for 1sec before send command all is ok. But there seemed a firmware problem in atmega. It is possible to update firmware in atmega without problem.

A:  Yes external suply 4-5v before press button start read, erase or write

Gnd and 8pin +

See pictures.

When soft ask you to check pin pres no button.

R270 solution

With BIOS battery 3V works fine as well


Q: Can i read EIS data with this R270 tool?

A: It can read the EIS data

Q: Need i remove MCU on Mercedes Benz EZS?

A: Yes, you have to remove MCU on Mercedes Benz

If you need R270+ programmer with M35080V6 M35080 Chip for BMW, please check here:

Customer review:

I have tested the m35080 and works very well with erasing it and writing eeprom.