Free download OPCOM Vaux-COM 120309a OP-COM FW 1.70 1.65

This blog will devide into 3 parts:

  1. OPCOM Vaux-COM 120309a free download for OP-COM FirmwareV1.70 V1.65;
  2. New OPCOM FW V1.70 V1.65PCB real pics display;
  3. OPCOM 1.70 1.65 function info.


Free download OPCOM Vaux-COM 120309a for OP-COM Firmware V1.70 V1.65

Note: New OPCOM clone FW V1.70 and OPCOM clone FW V1.65 both come with OPCOM 2010V/ 2014V software. All tested OK!


New OPCOM PCB update, all brand-new PCB building!

$21.99 OPCOM 2010V/2014V Firmware 1.70 with Single Layer PCB (Like original PCB building )

opcom-op-com-2010-2014v-can-obd2-for-opel-firmware-v1-7-pcb-2 opcom-op-com-2010-2014v-can-obd2-for-opel-firmware-v1-7-pcb-3


$19.99 OPCOM 2010V/2014V Firmware 1.65 with Double Layer PCB 

opcom-op-com-2010-2014-v-can-obd2-for-opel-firmware-v1-65-pcb-4 opcom-op-com-2010-2014-v-can-obd2-for-opel-firmware-v1-65-pcb-5

2010V/2014V OPCOM 1.70 1.65 diagnostic tool function

Cover almost all Opel cars diagnostics, incl. new cars with CAN-BUS like Vectra-C, Astra-H,Zafira-B.

Allow users to read and clear fault codes, and supports many control units like Engine, Automatic Transmission, ABS, Airbag, BCM, ECM…

Check here: OPCOM FW1.70 2010V/2014V Vaux-COM


Check here: OPCOM FW1.65 2010V/2014V Vaux-COM