Free Download E-sys Psdzdata v59.2 for BMW coding

Here is the full v59.2 psdzdata, just sharing!LN92yLRB!uQazq7zbn4y1dPsOElI5vQ (unknown security)V49.4 psdzdata (test without issues, safe)

What is the psdzdata?

The Psdzdata is basically a pack that contains all the data needed for E-sys to be able to code a car, flash ecus and firmware update of the modules on the car.


What are the differences between the Full vs Lite Psdzdata?

  1. The Lite version contains only the basic files needed for Coding only and it`s much smaller in size..around 400mb.
  2. The Full version is HUGE, it has over 20GB and it`s not needed by most people because it contains data that is used only for Firmware update which is not recommended doing with an ENET cable anyway, for that purpose you need an ICOM A2 and other kind of software like the BMW ISTAP.


Which version to choose?

You can go ahead with either one depending on how much free space you have on your laptop`s HDD.