FoxFlash ECU Tool Update For MED17 Checksum fixed on Sep.14th, 2023.

Update checksum for mcu TC1766 TC1793 TC1797 TC1724F TC1767

FoxFlash is now able to perform the following operations:

software caculate checksum

On the following ECU reference:

Audi Bosch MED17.5 TC1766

Audi Bosch MED17.5.5 TC1766

Audi Bosch MED17.5.20 TC1766

Audi Temic VL381F TC1766

BMW Bosch EDC17C76 TC1793

Honda Bosch EDC17CP50 TC1797

Hyundai Bosch ME17.9.21.1 TC1724F

Jaguar Bosch MED17.9.7 TC1797

Kia Bosch ME17.9.21.1 TC1724F

Land Rover Bosch MED17.9.7 TC1797

Mercedes Bosch EDC17CP01 TC1796

Mercedes Bosch MED17.7.7 TC1793

Mercedes Bosch MED17.7.7 TC1797

Renault Bosch EDC17CP58 TC1767

Seat Bosch MED17.5 TC1766

Seat Bosch MED17.5.5 TC1766

Seat Bosch MED17.5.20 TC1766

Skoda Bosch MED17.5 TC1766

Skoda Bosch MED17.5 TC1766

Skoda Bosch MED17.5.5 TC1766

Skoda Bosch MED17.5.20 TC1766

Toyota Bosch EDC17C60 TC1793

Volkswagen (VW) Bosch ME17.5.6 TC1766

Volkswagen (VW) Bosch MED17.5 TC1766

Volkswagen (VW) Bosch MED17.5.5 TC1766

Volkswagen (VW) Bosch MED17.5.20 TC1766

Update method: Click the download button in foxFlash manager till all file donwload complete.

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