Fixed! GM MDI software 8.5 xp 32bit bvtx-vci-helper.dll missing

Installing GM MDI software under windows xp, I keep getting message that  “file C:\Program Files\GM MDI Software\Dynamic Link Libraries\bvtx-vci-helper.dll cannot be found”, installation software stops working, weirdest thing is that file exists in mentioned folder.


I Had to move to version 8.3 which works on most of my machines,
this downgrade solved the problem, it seems that ver 8.3 works with .net 4.0 but 8.5 requires .net 4.5 which don`t exist for xp.

Here is the source of GDS V8.3.103.39:



I had same error message on xp installing 8.3 version and solution was install c++ redist. 2010 package and all solved ok.

GM MDI Device: