Feedback on MPPS v21 v18 v16 OBD male cable

I should say, my MPPS ecu chip tuning tool works as it is designed for… R/W ECU without issues.

It’s with the green board… better than the blue PCB

mpps-v16-pcb mpps-v16-hardware-pcb-(3)
The cable is a nice quality OBD male cable, it looks like many ones, but it’s a true EU Clone MPPS V16 well open OBD. OBD cable adaptor looks like many ones too, but very well made! is a man of his word to trust in. He knows how to give an amazing customer service.

I have a MPPS V16 tool since 2013 from him, and use it most frequently.


All update is available to people who bought the cable from

By the way, OBD frame is so nice. High grade aluminum, good weight, nice top plate, tight shafts and good probes!


I didn’t buy the suitcace with those purple adapters, only the frame.

My scale is too large for that frame, but by hand the weight is roughly 8 pounds.

Pay attention to the SW version. Chinese clone is best in MPPS V16; do not other versions, especially new versions

mpps-v16-(1) mpps-v16-(2) mpps-v16-(3) mpps-v16-(4) mpps-v16-(5) mpps-v16-(6) mpps-v16-(7)