EDC15 EDC16 EDC17 Read and Write

I have an old KWP2000 plus, it can only read and write ECU type EDC15, and can´t read/write to EDC16, EDC17. Then one day to visit a friend Mike, he had a MPPS v16 version, he said he bought from uobd2 shop, out of curiosity, he show me how to use it, it can successfully read out the ECU data and write it, especially the newest ECU type: EDC16, EDC17, MED9.x, Siemens PPD1 / x, EDC15, ME7.xi much more.


After playing more, I find it has more advantages as follows:

  • It needs no soldering, which is very easy to operate to those users who are not familiar with soldering technique. After finish installing the driver, plug MPPS 16pin connector to the on-board diagnostic connector, the USB cable to the computer, then to program ECU, the seller has video demo showing how to install MPPS.
  • It is available with many dozens of main global language, so it is popular among all users from around the world. While my KWP2000 only has Deutsch, English, Italiano and Spanish, I can speak English, that’s ok, but if the users do not know the above language, they can’t use this tool.
  • MPPS v16 ECU Programmer is more stable compared with the newer version and the cheaper one.
  • It has more checksums; it features in recalculation of checksum.