Disable BMW E46 DRLs with NCS expert step by step

Since there is no detail instruction on disabling BMW Daytime Running lights, I decided to make my own document. I am driving a BMW E46 1998 year.

Software & Hardware:

1). Using NCS Expert in BMW ICOM Rheingold ISTA-D ISTA-P software program and connect BWM ICOM A2+B+C diagnostic system

2). Download free NCS expert software and get it work on INPA K+DCAN cable

3) Old E46 has 20-pin diagnostic connector, so I need extra 20-pin to 16-pin cable.


The procedure works perfect on my E46, not sure if it works on other BMW models.


Open My computer

Open NCS Expert folder

Open work folder

Open a notepad “FSW-PSA.MAN” in WORK folder

Save the file

Open NCS Expert

Select File>>Load file

Select Renitor’s NCS Expert Profile


Press F1 VIN/ZCS/FA button

Press F3 ZCS/FA t.ECU

Select BMW model: E46, press OK


Select E46 ECU type: EWS, press OK

Press F6 Back

The system will display all available ECU

Press F4 Process ECU

Choose ECU: LSZ, click OK


Check ECU info in “Enter SGET data” windows, click OK

Press F5 Basic functions

Pull down the function list and select “coapReadSgGetFswPsw”, press OK


Change CBD name to LSZ.C27, press OK

Basic function perfect ended

Copy and paste “PSW-PSW.TRC” on WORK folder to desktop

Open “PSW-PSW.TRC” notepad

Select Edit tab

Look for file with “drl” and locate “FERNLICHT-DRL nicht_aktiv ”


Delete “nicht-”


Change “EINZEIT-DRL wert-01” to “EINZEIT-DRL wert-02”


Pull download the list and locate “TAGFAHRLICHT nicht_aktiv”, delete “nicht”


Pull down the list, locate “PROGRAMMPARAMETER-LSZ-1-10 ece” to “PROGRAMMPARAMETER-LSZ-1-10 us”

  • “ece-xenon” remains unchanged.
  • LSZ-11 and later remains unchanged


Save and rename the file as “FSW-PSW.MAN”

Copy “FSW-PSW.MAN” on desktop to WORK folder and replace it

Press F3 “Execute job”

Check if your daytime running lights are disabled

Follow the system prompt and then exit the BMW NCS Expert software