Difference between CONDOR XC-MINI And Automatic V8/X6

Many locksmiths today are discussing two cheap Chinese key cutting machines: Xhorse IKeycutter CONDOR XC-MINI and Automatic V8/X6. Condor is introduced to some car forums and X6 is updated to latest 2015 version. To help customers find out the pros and cons of the two tools,


IKEYCUTTER CONDOR XC-MINI key cutting machine

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1) It supports powerful locksmith functions, like all key lost, copy new key for worldwide brand cars such as Audi, Jeep, Porsche, Ford, BMW and so on.

2) It support powerful locksmith functions, like

3) It support more languages than V8/X6, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Germany, Russian, , Czech, Arabic, Turkish, Dutch, Polish, Bulgarian, Norway, Slovakia, Italian, English, Chinese

4) Its software supports update online lifetime


Automatic V8/X6 key cutting machine


1) It tests ok that Automatic v8/x6 and can cut an nsn14 and a hu66 so far and all working fine.

2) It is a lot cheaper than Condor XC-MINI.

3) It Only has English version

4) It can do 5-6 eeprom jobs.

5) It weights only 17.4KG while XC-MINI weights 21KG

6) The only fault so far is it will not decode VA2 or HU83 keys, Will cut them perfect if you input code but no decode. Have it working and running off laptop connected with USB cable.

7) When there is a key, simply follow the steps to enter the number or read key teeth tooth number, you can make a new key. When a key is lost, just follow the prompts, enter the appropriate number of head lock, you can make a new key, very easy to use.


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