Diatronik multi-functional cable update-Toyota Renault VW IMMO works

Update Notice! Diatronik multi-functional cable update-Toyota Renault VW IMMO works!


Here four pictures to prove:

Diatronik works-01 Diatronik works-02 Diatronik works-03 Diatronik works-04


Diatronik cable what works in total:

Works: So far, Diatronik cable can perform all renesas and Infineon airbag restore by OBD2 up to 2016, Dash mileage correction via OBD2,airbag Calculator via USB, Toyota Renault VW IMMO.


Under development: Please be expected to have the coming functions incl. OBDII Diag, G-Prog.


If you brose this link:


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