Diagnose Jaguar air suspension with JLR mangoose SDD


Here is an instruction on  how to diagnose Jaguar air suspension with JLR mangoose SDD  OBD2 diagnostic interface for Jaguar and Landrover.


Vehicle symptom:

2004 Jaguar XJ8 64,000 idling with yellow check engine light on




Well install JLR SDD V142 diagnostic software

Connect the mangoose /mangoose pro cable with vehicle via OBD socket

When loads SDD it automatically read the car VIN, and then welcome at the vehicle summary screen


Check the DTCs status. Come to the Symptom menu, jlr sdd will detect the vehicle control modules. The yellow question marks indicates that the vehicle does not have the option module fitted, like CCM, FLM etc


To erase suspension code, move to “Chassis”>> “Suspension system” >> “Vehicle dynamic suspension


The system will detect the DTCs automatically and analyze the DTCs and tells you the most likely candidate for the fault.  The DTCs result will group into events based on the symptoms you have specified.


A single fault code “Pressure increases too slow when fitting reservoir” (suspension code) is listed in Event 1. The bulb icon on the right indicates that the check engine light (amber suspension light) flashes. There are also two DTCs in Unknown Event, they are not the main causes.


Click the RLM C1A20-64 DTC information ‘i’ icon, the SDD software system will bring me about the DTC Help.


Directly search “Possible causes” that matches with the vehicle symptom. Then do some modification to solve the existing problem. For example: if the compressor is faulty or the intake filter is blocked/ restricted, get the old compressor unit replaced.