Diagnose Hyundai Elantra (HDC) 2012 by Xtuner E3 Wifi on PAD win10


I will show you how to diagnose Hyundai Elantra(HDC) 2012 G 1.6 DOHC by Xtuner E3 Wifi on Android-based PAD win10. To me, Xtuner E3 Wifi is worth each penny, it can do what I want it to do, so I would like to share what I test ok and communicate with you who have Xtuner E3 or will own one.


Tool to prepare:

  • Xtuner E3 wifi OBD2 scanner, $145 free shipping at uobdii.com, 3-5 working days delivery. BTW, Angela is experienced customer service, she is very familiar with E3 and we chat friendly.
  • Android-based PAD win10 with WIFI available
  • Hyundai Elantra(HDC) 2012 G 1.6 DOHC


Function to display:

Read and clear DTCs on Engine,

Read data stream

BCM active test, Wiper relay and Head Lamp relay


Communicate: Via WIFI



  1. Connect PAD WIFI.
  2. Click “Xtuner E3.exe” and come to the function menu.


  1. Click “Settings” to check Xtuner E3 basic version incl. system version, firmware version, link version and serial number.
  2. Back to the menu, click “Expert Service System”, and choose Hyundai PRO v19.1.


  1. Choose “Diagnose”-> “Vehicle Manual Select” incl. Area, model, year and engine. E.g Hyundai Elantra(HDC) 2012 G 1.6 DOHC.

xtuner-e3-test-hyundai-03 xtuner-e3-test-hyundai-04 xtuner-e3-test-05

  1. Click “system selection”, Xtuner E3 covers Engine, AT, ABS, airbag, BCM, IMMO and CODE. Here I select “Engine” to read and clear DTCs.


  1. Function: data list


  1. Click “BCM”->”active test”-> “Wiper relay”, then “Head Lamp relay”,


For more test display, please watch video at: