Cummins INSITE Win7 Installation: Calibrate ECM & Read / Write ECU OK

Crack Cummins INSITE with patch is installed on win7 32bit /64bit successfully, and tested working fine with Cummins INLINE 6, INLINE 7, NEXIQ, NEXIQ 2, DPA5 etc, it is confirmed to diagnose, read and write ECU data, calibrate ECM, download calibration data online.


How to setup Crack Cummins INLINE on win7 and to test?

Data Link Adapter to connect: Inline6

How to Install Cummins INSITE 8.5 Software on WIN7


This is Insite menu:

Fault codes

Data Monitor /Logger

ECM Diagnostic Tests

Advanced ECM Data

Features and Parameters

Calibration Selection

and so on



Click on “Fault Codes” and have details including Fault code, status, Count, Lamp, Description, PID, SID etc.



Try to calibrate ECM, you can see, it allows to download the calibrations to an ECM and a programmable detail device, just select the ECM/PDD button.

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INSITE 8.5.0 Features Notes

 1.General Information

1.1 Upgrade Capability

Upgrade from INSITE 8.4.x


2.New Base Features

NOTE: No new Advanced ECM Data have been implemented.

 3.New Diagnostic Tests

NOTE: These will only display if supported and enabled in the calibration


3.1 Aftertreatment SCR System Cleaning

Allows initiating a cleaning of the Aftertreatment SCR System on a multi-module configuration.


3.2 Fuel Level Override Test

Overrides the fuel level value to check if the fuel gauge reflects the correct fuel level and allows adjustment of fuel level when test is running.


3.3 Shut Off Valve Solenoid Actuator Test

Tests the function of the Shut-Off Valve Solenoid. The user can visually check the valve and solenoid operation while the test running.


4.New Advanced ECM Data

NOTE: These will only display if supported and enabled in the calibration

4.1 Aftertreatment SCR System Health Monitor

Allows monitoring of several different parameters including aftertreatment requests, Low Level/Moderate level counters, timers and white smoke status in order to manage heat in the engine. Can also be used to reset the SCR Catalyst parameters.


4.2 Aftertreatment SCR Regeneration History

Stores and displays historical data from recent SCR regenerations.


4.3 Aftertreatment DPF Passive Desoot Assist Time

Stores and displays historical data associated with the Maximum Aftertreatment Diesel Particulate Filter Soot Load and Maximum Aftertreatment Diesel Particulate Filter Outlet Temperature conditions.

5.New Features and Parameters

NOTE: These will only display if supported and enabled in the calibration

5.1 Drive Away Protection

Provides the status of FDS Drive Away Protection Lamp for Agility Starter Lockout feature.


5.2 Low Temperature Coolant Level

Allows monitoring of the Low Temperature Coolant Level.


5.3 Auto Selected Fuel Density

Provides the ability to monitor auto selected fuel density for natural gas fuel delivery system fuel level calculation.


5.4 Viscous Fan Drive Ratio

Provides Fan Drive Ratio Control adjustments for specific viscous fan types in the Fan Control feature.


5.5 Push Button Start and Shutdown

Provides the ability to configure start and shutdown enable for Push Button Start and selection between datalink or hardwired push button types.


5.6 Remote PTO Service Brake and Clutch Override

Allows disabling of Remote PTO by pressing the Service Brake or Clutch Switch.


5.7 Maximum Vehicle Speed Switch Configuration

Allows use of Switch and Switch2 to set a switched limit for maximum vehicle speed.


5.8 Maximum Vehicle Speed Multiplexing

Allows inputs via the datalink instead of a physical ECM input.


5.9 Engine Ventilation

Provides interface for the ventilation feature on gas engines.


5.10 Oil Filter Type

Allows selection if a Spin-On or Eliminator oil filter is installed on the engine.


5.11 Fuel Usage Adjustment

Allows adjustment of the ECM Fuel Usage reading to correct for any deviation from the

actual fuel usage.


5.12 Fuel Level Configuration

Allows adjustment of settings for the fuel level and fuel characteristics in natural gas fuel

delivery systems.


5.13 Maximum Vehicle Speed Switch Configuration

Allows use of Switch1 and Switch2 to set switched limit for maximum vehicle speed.

6.New Products

ISM11 CM876 M103

X14N CM2451

X15 CM2350 X132C

ISX15 CM2350 X129

Z13 NSV 2150E IAT

QSX15 CM2350 X130

X14N CM2451

ISX15 CM2350 X129

QSX15 CM2350 X130


In conclusion:

Crack Cummins INSITE is cheap but working good for diagnosing, reading & writing ECU data, calibrating ECM etc. Highly recommend.