CN900 clone machine register Toyota G box procedure

Post on how CN900 clone machine register Toyota G box.

Tools and software include:
CN900 clone machine
Toyota G chip box
A computer with xp /win7
CN900 updater downloaded from official site

1 Browse , download CN900 downloader e.g. “CN900Updater_4.3”
2. Connect Toyota G chip box to CN900 machine, and CN900 to the computer.
3. Open CN900 downloader, select 72G box, it will automatically recognize G box serial number, please check if it is correct.
Click “Register”

4 The serial number is supposed to be as the same as the one displayed above.

5. You could click “Search 72G-BOX”to check if the two-line numbers are the same; if they are the Toyota G chip box is registered successfully to CN900 machine.