Clone/Original Transit-Baby Remote Controls User Manual

Here is the user manual of Transit-Baby Remote Controls original or clone (called adapter-baby).

-Any remote can be added
-Just plug in OBD with Adapter Baby
-without assistance, cost down..
-Support using 20 remotes at the same time, while codes will not repeat.
-Valid remote control distance are over 200 meters
-Support 90% car models on the road,  including One-Key-Start smart trucks, electronic chip remote control cars, dedicated remote control cars made in China, bi-iron generals and other special remote control models,  such as the Pentium B70, Lifan, F6, cheetah, Aeolus, the old MG, old Citroen, the new legend, the new Mitsubishi, bidirectional Iron General and so on ……

OBD2 Note: welding technique is requred

How to install remote? here take Mercedes Benz remote as an example.

1. take off the board
clone-Transit-Baby-Remote-Controls-User-Manual (1)
2. uncover the Adapter Baby
clone-Transit-Baby-Remote-Controls-User-Manual (2)
3. find the location of D0.D1.D2.D3 on Adapter Baby
clone-Transit-Baby-Remote-Controls-User-Manual (3)
connect LOCK button with D0
connect UNLOCK button with D1
connect TRUNCK button with D2
clone-Transit-Baby-Remote-Controls-User-Manual (5)
4. ATTENTION: usually, there are two contact points and four contact points. if it’s four contact points, make sure welding at diagonal contacts
clone-Transit-Baby-Remote-Controls-User-Manual (6) clone-Transit-Baby-Remote-Controls-User-Manual (7)
5. locate the power hole and make sure of the Voltage of the remote board. then welding the correct position with Adapter Baby and remote board with additional line
(red line–> positive electrode, back line–>negative electrode)
clone-Transit-Baby-Remote-Controls-User-Manual (8) clone-Transit-Baby-Remote-Controls-User-Manual (9) clone-Transit-Baby-Remote-Controls-User-Manual (10)
6. lock the cover, put Adapter Baby into the car and connect it with OBD (you may connect it with another power resources)
clone-Transit-Baby-Remote-Controls-User-Manual (11)
7. program a new remote–
press and hold learning button
press any button of the new remote once learning LED lights on
then the new remote will be programmed
clone-Transit-Baby-Remote-Controls-User-Manual (12)