Clone 4D transponder with Zed-BULL and TPX Cloner Module

1.Please connect TPX cloner Module to Zed-bull using cable and give power both to Zed-bull and TPX Cloner Module.
Cloning 4D transponder using Zed-BULL & TPX Cloner Module-01


give power to zedbull and tpx cloner-03
2.Please put original key to zedbull antenna, select “Copy” and press “Enter” and “R” Button.
put original key to zedbull-04 select copy chip-05
3. Caution! Put the original key and press R! Don’t remove the key during the process!
4. Press “W” button and select TPX Cloner module.
press w button-07 select tpx cloner module-08
5.Writing, connection and calculating, calculating may take up to 2 minutes.
6, Calculation Ok, please put TPX2 or EH2 to Zed-BULL antenna and press “W” button.
calculation complete-10
7, Verifying, and successful.
verifying and success-11