Chevy SPS Programming: GlobalTis v32 or Chevrolet TIS?

GlobalTis or Chevrolet Tis for SPS Programming:

For Offline Programming/Reprogramming
GlobalTis – SPS Programming


GlobalTis v32 is for Opel.
For Chevy try the Chevrolet Tis 09-2011 and maybe you have much more luck


Do not connect the MDI:

Do not connect the MDI by GM MDI Manager.
I mean do not use MDI Manager to connect the MDI with the Manager

Must be Disconnected.
Just start the GTis and go to SPS Programming and follow the steps.


Java 7.17 version:

Use Java 7.17 version if you used other one or downgrade to v6.26
I will try to generate your issue tomorrow if I will have a car to try it
But as I remember one member of the forum asked me that cannot do SPS Programming and he has installed a diffrent Java version v7.xx ( I don’t remember )
Or maybe you have other issue.
If I understood well you cannot pass that first screen. This means that SPS Programming cannot connect to the car. Am I right or its something else


Test on Opel PPSG16:

I did a test at my desktop and I used an Opel PPSG16 ecu

Win Xp Sp3 Tablet PC ( full upgraded it )
Java v6.26 or v7.17
Chevy Gtis 09-2011
GM MDI Manager v8.3.103.117
Genuine GM MDI
Opel PSG16 ( Y20DTH ) – I had no Chevy car or an ecu to test.
But the test it was just to see if I can pass ahead from where you stock
Check the pics

My advice for you is to install in Native no VMware
Win XP ( Win 7 Ultimate I am very sure will works too )
Net.Frameworks ( v2.0, v3.0, v3.5 at least installed and VCRedist ( v2005, v2008, v2010 at least installed
Install Java v 6.26
Chevy GTis 09-2011
GM MDI Manager ( newer the better )

Check the MDI in the GM MDI Manager first, Connect then Disconnect, Cose the MDI Manager
Start GTis and Then SPS Programming
Follow the indication and install also the Tech2 J2534 driver but not the MDI Manager
Then continue and see what happens

I don’t know if you was able to do SPS Programming in Opel cars too ( if I remember well you said that you did it ) but the issue is that the SPS Programming do not communicate with the car

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Good luck