CGDI CG100X Read and Write BMW FRM-Foot Space 9S12XET512

If BMW F series cars appear abnormal window lifting and headlight illumination, the main reason must be the failure of the 2 relays in the FRM-Foot Space, not data and chip. But if the chip data are missing, it can be restored with CGDI CG100X.

Here takes BMW F18 9S12XET512 as an example.

Operation guide:

Connect CG100X programmer and computer via USB cable

Connect CG100X and Pro Adaptation line, and connect GND, BKGD, RST and 5V cables to the chip according to the wiring diagram

Run CG100X software

Select BCM>> BMW>> FRM-Foot Space>> F18>> 9S12XET512>> Start operation


CGDI CG100X New Generation Programmer is automatically partitioned and repaired. If the vehicle configuration does not match after loading, please use a diagnostic tool for coding, such as CGDI BMW.

Start to detect 12V supply power, read chip ID, read chip data…

Read DFLASH data successfully, and then save it

Continue to partition and write DFLASH data into chip automatically

Repair data successfully.