CG FC-200 V1.1.5.0 Update: .Newly added BOSCH TC17 series

CG FC-200 Auto repair tool update to V1.1.5.0 on Auguest.18th, 2023

1.New platform mode engine for Bosch MPC5xx class: (Note: To be used with MPC5xx adapter)


2.Newly added BOSCH TC17 series platform and boot mode engines: DCU17HD01、DCU17PC42、DCU17PC43、DCU17CV51、DCU17PC_ DNX

3.KEFICO TC series engines add PFlash verification function

4.GM series engines add PFlash verification function

5.Fix the issue where the 8HP transmission does not support the E-series (R5F72519R)

6.Optimize the verification algorithm for VGS2-FDCT type transmissions

7.Fix some MD1CS089 engine connection failure issues

8.Fix some bugs and optimize software performance

CG FC-200 V1.1.5.0 software download: