BMW E-sys ENET Cable Reflash ZGM(solved)

I have successfully reflashed my 2001 F11 BMW ZGM system by using E-Sys from uobdii and ENET cable from China. The total cost is very cheap. Here I would like to share is a quick guide on remaping the system.


I bought the BMW ENET Cable from a Chinese seller, no problem hooking it up to my car and laptop. The E-Sys software I first download is with 3.23.4 version, but got an error when using this version – my first attempt is to flash ZGM failed initially with the following error:



MCDDiagService id=240900,, service=RC_GAC – Routine Control Get ActualConfig, description=error: timeout, link=Physical request to ECU with address 0×10>



I found a few other threads mentioning possible solutions which are


Use direct connection via gateway URL instead of via VIN to tcp://ip address of your car:6801 eg tcp://



In Tal Processing | Parameters uncheck “Switch gateway(s) to programming mode”


In my case both options did not work with E-Sys 3.23.4. I then tried E-Sys 3.22.5 and was able to flash ZGM at the first attempt.



I inform you that I am no expert on the subject and I am not stating or encouraging you make any modifications to your car by yourself. The information provided here are for information only as they were all taken at random sites on the internet and can be accessed publicly. You should be aware that I have no responsibility for what may happen to your car and any change to be held occur solely at your own risk.


Hope this helps anyone.